About Me

Hello! I’m Jill and I’m the one who has spilled all over this web page. I tend to spill lots of things, like coffee, sewing pins and baking ingredients. So instead of just making a mess on my clothes, I’ve decided to spill a little bit on this blog and shop.
        Some things you should know about me besides my clumsiness, is that I am a college student student from the Chicago suburbs, who is currently on a new adventure studying and living in North Carolina! I love to create things; I like to make bags (some of which you can purchase right here on this website!), cupcakes, music, and people smile 🙂
         I love wearing anything girly and twirly, with the look complete with my wild curly hair. I enjoy reading and discussing great books, but I also won’t skip out on the latest episode of “The Bachelor”. I’m up for any adventure that my family, friends or cats are involved in or anything that God leads me to do (which is why I’m embarking on this journey). I hope you’ll join me!
With much love & many blessings,