Jill’s Five Fall Favorites

1. Blanket Scarf
As the weather gets cooler, the need for warmth increases and not just style. I absolutely love this scarf from J.Crew because of the cute pattern and the fabric. The black and white go with so many different colors and looks. Also cute pom-poms are a very nice addition. The fabric is so soft but also so light. It’s nice and cozy, but also doesn’t make me feel like I’m being swallowed by my scarf.

2. Suede
One of my absolute favorite fabric trends of this fall is suede. I love how it adds a bit of texture to every outfit, but also the feel of the fabric. This skirt can either be dressed up or dressed down which is one of the reasons it is so versatile. It can be worn casually with a graphic t-shirt like in this photo, a button-up shirt, or a nice blouse. Also the burgundy color is absolutely perfect for the season.

3. Hunter Rain Boots
With all of the mud and rain in the fall, I always find my shoes get dirty or my feet get cold, but these adorable boots prevent both. They keep my feet dry as well as add a bit of flare to any look. I love this height boot because they aren’t very heavy or clunky

4. Flannel
You can never go wrong with a good flannel, especially during fall. I absolutely love this Tommy Hilfiger flannel because of the colors, it adds a more feminine touch to the shirt. Another way I balanced this top out was with this girly, twirly skirt. I love how comfy it is and  the contrast it added to the outfit.

5. Wrap Dress
Comfy and cute seems to be a major theme for me this fall and this wrap dress definitely checks off both of those boxes. I am obsessed with the soft blend of fabrics into the burgundy and how cozy it is. It  pairs well with tan booties or these grey oxfords.  I also love the small bow detail on the side, it just ties it all together perfectly.

One thought on “Jill’s Five Fall Favorites

  1. Loved your blog! Wish I had been that smart when I was 17. Great comments and enthusiasm. You will do well wherever your heart takes you. Glad you are enjoying the age you are and savoring the moment. Yes, great shoes came to you naturally through your gene pool! I love having a girly, twirly gal as a granddaughter.

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